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— I was very moved by hearing the joik from Eurovision

KEiiNO has recently toured the world and latest they have charmed Australia and audience in New York. the period after participating in Eurovision has been busy. For the very first time the group visited Fred René’s home village, Kautokeino last Friday and the band had a great time with the kids and youths on Báktehárji even though the circumstances were a little smaller than what they are used to.

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— The last time we played on City scene we only had one song

Since Christmas is coming closer, the band reveals that they are also going to play some Christmassy tones during tonight’s concert.

— They who come to the concert are going to hear our version of a known Christmas song. We just arrived from New York, so that’s a little hint, Tom Hugo says with a cheeky smile.

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Absurd they are threatened and harassed during a peace-building event

— Every little movement KEiiNO does is looked at with sharp eyes. accusation s and threats are thrown at the trio, he writes. People try to force them to take a stand in something they don’t want to be a part of and I think that they first and foremost show diplomatic skills, Klemet Anders writes, who thinks this is meant to be a peace-building arrangement.

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