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KEiiNO at Vulkan Arena – Concert report

After the backstage visit with KEiiNO and having pictures taken, photos signed etc. we went back into the arena where the show was going to be. It was a bit shocking to see how many had arrived while we were backstage, the room was more or less filled and it was SO hot and the concert had not even started yet.

We began to mingle a little and try to move our way towards the scene, but it was packed up there and very hot and not knowing how long it would be before the show started, we didn’t feel like standing that close amongst people already then. So we began to look back and sideways to find a better place less crowded. Turning around, right behind me I saw a sweet familiar face and went to say hello:

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The Interest in the band rises as soon as one of us does well

Fred Buljo looks forward to visiting the City scene, which this time welcomes both young and old.

– The first concert is for children between 10 and 17 years. Then we play with a slightly lower sound level and have a slightly different pedagogical approach. Concert two is for those over 18, and then we raise the sound level, says Buljo who makes up the band together with Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo.

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“Battle of the Stars ” -Alexandra has a concussion: – This is quite a crisis.

On Saturday, Alexandra Rotan will perform in «Battle of the Stars» with a concussion. – I hope I do not break out with a black eye. It will be twice as painful.
– What a clown I am, says a resigned artist to VG

She says that the accident happened when she was playing squash with a friend on Wednesday.

– One who is really strong in the pinch, he hit hard and I got the racket in the middle of my nose. I ended up having a concussion. He was very sorry but I won the match. I take comfort in that, says Alexandra Rotan.

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Alexandra Rotan is the VG readers’ favorite so far in “Battle of the Stars”

Alexandra Rotan is the favorite of the VG readers. So far this autumn, they have rewarded her with three sixes and six fives on the VG dice throw for their efforts in “Battle of the Stars”.

Thus, she has beaten the competitor Bjørn Tomren with a six and a five and on Saturday night, she is ready for the finals in this autumn’s “Battle of the Stars” on NRK.

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Battle of the Stars finalist Alexandra Rotan: Does not receive KEiiNO salary abroad

Battle of the Stars finalist Alexandra Rotan: Does not receive KEiiNO salary abroad

The recent silver winner reveals that the band project is running a deficit internationally. Next autumn, she will start a solo career.

This weekend, Alexandra Rotan congratulated her “Battle of the Stars” rival Bjørn Tomren on the victory – apparently just as jubilantly happy, after ten weeks of exposure in prime time on NRK.

Exposure is also a key word for the band she is known as a third of, the Melodi Grand Prix institution KEiiNO.

In a recent application to the Norwegian Cultural Council for the Statens kunstnerstipend, Rotan says that the band does not make money outside the home country’s borders.

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