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A new way of life in Berlin

Tom, your new song “Without You” is about that special feeling when you go out to party in the evening and get to know someone. What does that mean to you?

It’s a great feeling and certainly familiar to many. Especially when you are on the go, travelling around, exploring new places and cities, you experience it again and again. My boyfriend and I met this way too.

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When a bunch of amazing people…

Under normal circumstances, I would not be able to go very far from home so I never thought I would be going to see KEiiNO playing live unless they were playing on the lawn in front of my house. But because a little bunch of absolutely amazing people have chipped in in different ways, a huge dream is now all of a sudden coming true, more or less out of the blue, and I am now going to Kristiansand later today, to be at the KEiiNO concert at Bendiksbukta at 7pm. Am I happy? YES.

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KEIiNO on Spring Tour – Joikpop for the joy of the whole family!

KEiiNO has since its comeback in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix been one of Norway’s most talked about bands and is high up on radio lists and top lists on Spotify. Few artists gather as diverse an audience as KEiiNO, and although children and young people are in the centre of the spring tour, the engaging live show is suitable for all age groups. The trio brings with them a band of top musicians, their uplifting pop songs and a bunch of big world hits that they “KEiiNOficate”. Alljoik and allsang guarantee!

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