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Tom FanArt

The “Rolling exhibition” since it’s a great way of showing people what these dolls are, explain what they are used for, like therapy dolls for Alzheimer’s patients, therapy dolls for childless people, people with PTSD, or mentally and emotionally challenged people… so many good things these dolls carry with them. If only people would be open and non-judgemental instead of judgemental and mean, they would understand how much good these dolls have the potential of doing to a lot of people who are not well.

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Interview With KEiiNO’s Alexandra Rotan

Eurovision’s voting system has changed radically over the years. In terms of the end result there is only one winner, but in reality it can work out that there are three. Last year the overall winner was Duncan Laurence. However, Tamara Todevska impressed the jury at took their crown and KEiiNO stole the hearts of the public, being rewarded 30 points more than their closest competitor! A year later and the love for KEiiNO has not dwindled. As they release their debut album, we caught up with Alexandra Rotan from the Norwegian trio.

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Review: Transarctic Lover

Since we heard a little snippet of KEiiNO and Sordal’s new collaboration single, Transarctic Lover, I have played the snipped over and over again. It had so many promises and potentials, that waiting until the 9th of October, seemed like for absolutely-ever. Now the day is here, the single is released and I am even more overwhelmed and impressed than I expected to be. The snippet we heard did NOT do the song justice.

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