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KEiiNO – Monument Review – By Benjamin Willcock

KEiiNO – Monument Review
By Benjamin Willcock

I was first introduced to KEiiNO the same way most of us were, during the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Their entry, Spirit in the Sky, was a bold, thunderous pop masterpiece that effortlessly blended classic pop tropes with spiritual lyricism. It was definitely one of the standouts that year, if not the most distinctive and memorable overall. It’s no wonder then that it won the public tele-vote with an astounding number of votes.

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KEiiNO on God Morgen Norge (Good morning, Norway)

One can almost feel the need for revenge in the studio now, because our three next guests…, almost won the ESC in 2019, after receiving the most public votes.
But they ended up in 6th place, so here are three people who can hardly wait for the MGP (ESC) to start again. We shall not talk a lot about what happened in 2019, but we have to go there as well of course. Welcome, Tom Hugo, Alexandra and Fred, you look so happy! How long have you waited for this week?

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Review of KEiiNO's new single, Monument, by Even Ormbostad, Norway.

Review by Even Ormbostad, Norway

After hearing “Monument” repeatedly before I finally managed to sleep, I woke up again early today, still with a sense of enthusiasm and joy after the night’s release.

After brewing coffee, filling it on the thermos and putting the egg in the pot, I sat down on the sofa with my coffee cup and turned on my laptop. I went to Youtube and put on the new KEiiNO song again.

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Monument number one in Norway and Israel, number 12 in Denmark. Photomontage; Even Ormbostad

Monument straight in as number ONE on itunes charts

KEiiNO’s new song, Monument, was released today, Friday, January 15th just after midnight. 

Thanks to Even Ormbostad, an avid KEiiNO fan like myself, who keeps track of placements, I am so happy to be able to tell, that Monument went straight in as number 1 on iTunes in Norway and Israel. Denmark follows having it in 12th place. If that is because Danes are into a different type of music, or because we are not that big a population I’m not sure about, but what a pride to see TWO first place, congratulations, KEiiNO & Co.

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KEiiNO makes MGP comeback

KEiiNO won the Melodi Grand Prix in 2019 and received the most audience votes in Eurovision. Now they are back with a song they think could take them all the way to the top in Europe.

– We are ready to show a new KEiiNO, says Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo Hermansen, better known as the group KEiiNO, almost in unison to Dagbladet.

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